Do you feel that God is calling you into Christian
service? A pastor, missionary, church planter, or even
just a full time worker in your local church? Have you
been praying for the opportunity to attend Bible college,
but did not have the finances or couldn’t find a Bible
college near by? Perhaps, God is answering your prayer
through Cherith Bible Institute of Pangasinan.
The Program
A mission statement
or quote about the
Cherith Bible Institute
of Pangasinan
The CBIP Program is a three year course, which offers  
diplomas in both Pastoral and Christian Leadership.
Diplomas will be issued from the
Cherith Bible Institute
headquarters in Lindside, West Virginia, USA

Course Requirements for Graduation:

(BI 101)   Old Testament Survey I  
(PR 101) Principles of Biblical Interpretation
(BD 101) Bible Doctrines I  
(BD 102) Bible Doctrines II
(BI 102)   New Testament Survey I   
(PR 102)   Principles of Biblical Communication
(BI 103)   Old Testament Survey II  
(BC 101)   Epistle to the Romans I  
(BC 102)   Epistle to the Romans II  
(BD 103)   Ecclesiology I
(BI 104)   New Testament Survey II  
(PR 104)   Principles of Leadership
(BI 105)   Old Testament Survey III  
(BC 103)   Epistle to the Hebrews I
(BC 104)   Epistles to the Hebrews II   
(PR 105)   Religious Trends I  
(PR 106)   Religious Trends II  
(BI 106)   New Testament Survey III  
(PR 103)   Christian Ethics  
(BI 107)   Old Testament Survey IV
(BC 109)   The General Epistles  
(PR 107)   Spiritual Conflicts  
(BI 108)   New Testament Survey IV  
(BI 109)   Old Testament Survey V
(BC 110)   Epistles of John
(PR 108)   Personal Evangelism/ Missions.
(BC 105)   The Revelation I  
(BC 106)   The Revelation II
(BC 107)   The Revelation III   
(BC 108)   The Revelation IV
English 1
English 2
Pastoral Leadership 1
Pastoral Leadership 2
Pastoral Leadership 3
students for
Christian service