Testimonials from CBIP Graduates
students for
Christian service
Cherith Bible Institute
of Pangasinan
Ms. Jennelyn Maramba
2014 Graduate
Full time church leader at
Lighthouse Baptist Church
and English teacher at
( Ms. Maramba also holds a
Teaching Degree from Colegio de
Ptr. Jonvie Aquino
2014 Graduate

Full time pastor of
Calvary Baptist Church
in Rosario
Ptr. Jojit Maramba
2015 Graduate
Assistant Pastor and full
time leader at
Lighthouse Baptist Church
in Dagupan City
Ptr. VJ Soberano
2015 Graduate
Full time Pastor of
New Hope Baptist Church
in Calit
Mrs. Christina Basto
2014 Graduate
Full time Pastor's wife of
Mountain View Baptist
Church in San Fabian
"Cherith Bible Institute has been
a great blessing for me! This
institution deeply taught me the
Word of God and built my
personal Christian character as
well. I learned to be more
responsible in everything I do,
and learned to open not only my
mind, but most importantly, my
heart for the Master's use.  CBIP
trains and equips workers like
me for better service to the
Lord. I consider it a great honor
and privilege to be part of this
wonderful institution. I give God
the highest glory and praise for
my memorable three year
journey here."

-Jennelyn Maramba
Pastor Melvin Carvajal
2014 Graduate
Bro. Juanito Maramba
2015 Graduate
Full time Worker, Youth
Leader and Teacher at
Lighthouse Baptist Church
"Bible school was a great step of
my Christian journey. At first,
this is not my first choice, but
God's choice for me. Sometimes,
you have to have plans and
goals in life, but did you ever ask
'What is God's plan for me?' I
thank God for being a part of
CBIP who evolved my Christian
maturity, Bible knowledge and
proper teaching. I have plans,
but God has another plan - A
Better Plan!"

-Juanito Maramba
"I want to thank God for using
CBIP as an instrument to train
me in doing God's work and to
improve my abilities and talents
in the ministry. I learned more
about His word, about His will
and how to know more about
Christ Who is the Author of our
salvation. I love Him and His
To God be the glory!"

-Ptr. VJ Soberano
"Cherith provided me with a
good, solid foundation and
prepared me for the
opportunities that God had for
me out in the real world.
CBIP seeks not only to help
equip leaders like me in
Christian service but to
encourage and strengthen our
commitment to Jesus Christ. I
am heartily  grateful to be part
of it!"

-Ptr. Jojit Maramba
"It was a great blessing to be
part of CBIP. I'm so thankful
to God for enabling me to
finish this course.
It influenced and taught me
how to be more effective in
the ministry as a servant of
the Lord Jesus Christ!!"

-Ptr. Melvin Carvajal
"I’ve seen that Cherith Bible
Institute is a safe and spiritually
productive place to find out what
God would have to do with my
life. It has provided and enabled
me not only to grow in knowledge
and wisdom but in maturity. And
I am so blessed and thankful that
this institution has a big part in
equipping students of the Word of
God like me to be ready in the
mission field. And because of
that, I will be able to use it for
God's glory!!"

-Mrs. Christina Basto
"In Cherith Bible Institute of
Pangasinan, I learned to stand
firm in the truth which is the
Bible. I also learned how to be
humble and give God the glory
for all the things in my life
because all are by His grace"

-Ptr. Jonvie Aquino